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  • There is no contract
  • Long term or short term periods accepted. Minimum order of 1 week applies
  • Ring us on 8362 3777 the day before you wish to join our service
  • Weekend meals are available; notify us by WEDNESDAY for delivery on Friday (see weekend menu)
  • We ask you to try the full menu, and then decide if there is a meal that doesn’t suit you, please advise us of this
  • When first joining us, please notify if you are diabetic, or semi vegetarian
  • We will do our best to please and will make one change each week if necessary.
  • Any additional main meal changes will incur a surcharge
  • You may choose to leave the service at any time, whether it is temporarily or permanently
  • If you will not be home during the coarse of our delivery times, please leave a small esky. We can also supply a small foam esky $5.00 or a large foam esky $8.00
  • We always endeavor to arrive at your home at the regular time each day
  • All deliveries will be to your front or back door, unless special permission is given by you to enter your home
  • The delivery should be received by you
  • The cost will be $14.00 per day per 2 course meal.
  • The meal consists of a main course, with choice of dessert or soup or fruit salad
  • Payments will be received any day but must be finalized on a weekly basis
  • Receipts are given on request for payment of all meals
  • Meals are delivered hot or cold
  • You must consume the hot meal within an hour, or place them in your fridge to cool down, for the evening meal
  • The cold meals can be stored in the refrigerator for the evening meal or for no longer than 3 days.
  • Otherwise they should be frozen immediately and later thawed out in the fridge
  • Microwaves are the most efficient for quick heating. Always remove the lid on all the containers, and place glad wrap over for microwaves. Cook on high for 2 minutes
  • You can also heat meals in the oven. Leave the lid on and cook for 15 minutes on 180’C
  • We regret that you will need to stay with the 5-day service each week, i.e. minimum order of 5 meals per week or a small surcharge may apply. Please contact the office for clarification
  • You will need to notify us by Thursday of any changes applicable to the following week