These containers can be put into the microwave as long as your microwave is less than 10 years old it should be fine. If by chance when you do put this container in the microwave and sparks start to fly, this means your microwave heats from the sides not from the top and can not be used. Also ensure when you put these containers in the microwave that you take the lid off as the lid is not microwave safe.

If you prefer your sweets hot you can also put these in the microwave, but the same rule applies to these containers as do the alfoil containers, take the lid off before cooking.
Cooking Times Main Meal approximately 2 minutes on medium highdownload here now
( Please test it as it may need 1 minute longer )
Dessert approximately 20-30 seconds on high

When heating in the oven with the alfoil containers, place the alfoil container on a baking tray or a pyrex flat dish as the bottom of the container becomes hot very quickly, Note that the lid should be left on to eliminate the meal drying.
Cooking Time Main Meal approximately 15 minutes on 180°C
We would also like to point out that all our containers are re-cyclable, so help our environment and put them out with your recycling goods.